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Shop Maxi Dresses Online - Which Celebrities Are Fans Of The Maxi Dress?

Shop maxi dresses online and get the celebrity look. So many of our best known and most loved female stars love the look and feel of the maxi dress. And you can get the same style by searching online for the perfect dress and accessories. Who could you emulate?

One superstar who simply loves wearing a maxi dress is Ashley Greene, star of Twilight. With her brown-blonde colouring, an icy blue colour looks stunning. Sarah Jessica Parker, who is known to buy dresses online, is famously tiny, but she pulls off the maxi dress with no problems. Our very own Fearne Cotton looks lovely when she wears her maxi dress, and when she puts some bounce into her hair, it sets off the look perfectly. Demi Moore was a fashion and beauty icon in the 80s and 90s, and she still looks incredible now; plus she looks amazing in a maxi dress! If fashion designer and all-round party girl Diane von Furstenberg can rock the maxi look (and she designs them, after all), then why not you? She is the perfect celebrity to ‘steal’ a look from because she knows all about how fashion works – it’s what she is famous for. Whatever you think of her music and judging ability, Cheryl Fernandez Versini looks beautiful in a figure-accentuating maxi dress. She knows exactly which accessories to add to complete the look to perfection. When you look for maxi dresses online, these celebrities should remind you of what you are searching for.

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