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Best Cheap Dresses Online - Don’t Ruin A Perfect Dress With A VPL!

Best cheap dresses online can be ruined if you have a visible panty line (or ‘VPL’). It can make you feel self-conscious, not to mention adversely affecting the line of the dress and the way it falls. It can even make what would have been a beautiful outfit memorable for the wrong reasons. So how can you avoid it?

The first tip is to make sure your underwear fits properly. When you buy dresses online, you want them to fit, and the same should be true of your underwear. Too tight and they will dig in; too loose and they will wrinkle up, which will show ridges and bumps. Spending a little extra time and money on finding the right underwear can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring your new outfit looks lovely. And what about thongs? There are no lines to show on a thong, so they are a great way to keep that VPL at bay. And when wearing your bargain cheap dresses online, no one will be able to see your underwear if you bend over, unlike with trousers. But bear in mind that thongs are not as comfortable as a standard pair of knickers! Some retailers actually sell panties that are seamless, meaning that even though they fit well and comfortably, there is no VPL possible. This is a great compromise, but these knickers can be somewhat more expensive. Note, though, that cotton panties (which are the best kind for women to wear for health reasons) cannot be seamless, so you would need to opt for elastic or spandex instead.

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