Black Evening Dresses Online

Black Evening Dresses Online - Who Wore It Best?

Black evening dresses online must be a very popular search engine phrase. There are so many iconic images of famous women wearing little black dresses that it is a picture that comes to us even if we weren’t particularly thinking of it. But who is the embodiment of the little black dress?

Jackie Kennedy was a big fan of the little black dress. Although she couldn’t buy dresses online, she had access to some of the world’s greatest designers – and it showed in her wardrobe. But that black dress is a powerful picture, showing Jackie at her best. Jean Shrimpton was another great proponent of the little black dress. Nicknamed ‘The Shrimp’, this English model and actress is considered to have been one of the world’s first supermodels, and she loved wearing a little black dress. Kate Moss, a modern day English supermodel, may well have taken inspiration from the legendary Jean Shrimpton. And of course, Kate Moss can now buy evening dresses online should she wish to give the paparazzi the slip. Liz Hurley is most famous for one particular little black dress – it was so little that it was held together by safety pins, by Versace’s design, of course! It caused quite a stir in 1994. But of course, no mention of the little black dress would be complete with the woman who started it all – Audrey Hepburn. That iconic Givenchy dress from the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s is something never to be forgotten and it has inspired millions ever since.

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