Plaids, suedes, velvets and lace details are what I am loving this Fall. I love to mix and match prints and textures for Fall, like I did here. The combination of the plaid on my jacket and the detailing of the lace on my top go together perfectly because they both have subtle detailing that can coexist together without looking too flashy. Fall is also a season that you can get away with really matching back pieces in your outfit without looking like you’re wearing suiting. The olive on my pants matches back to the olive in the plaid jacket, but because they aren’t exactly the same olive they work without looking too matchy-matchy. In this outfit there are also a lot of great textures- the straw in my hat, the lace on my top and the suede on my shoes. These are all really great subtle textures that you can easily make work together.

Overall, don’t be afraid to mix things up for Fall! Experiment mixing fun patterns, colors and fabrics together – just remember that subtlety is key. You don’t want to go overboard and look disheveled or too over the top. Have fun with your Fall dressing and stop by Nordstrom for anything that you feel like you’re missing to really complete your look.


WowThatDress eyelet lace peplum top

WowThatDress ‘jepson’ cropped pants

THE GREAT plaid cotton jacket

PRADA mule slippers (similar here)

JANESSA LEONE ‘calla’ straw bolero hat