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Evening Dress Shop Online - Should You Wear A Hat To A Wedding?

Evening dress shop online is a great way to find the perfect dress to wear to a friend’s or family member’s wedding. And a wedding is a great time to wear a beautiful dress – there aren’t many other occasions when you can! But what about a hat? Is it still the done thing?

It used to be the stock phrase that people came out with when they heard about or were invited to a wedding; “Now I need to buy a hat!” Many wedding photos of the past include women wearing large, wide brimmed hats and looking lovely. But in today’s world where you can buy dresses online, is a hat really so important? Of course! Even though small and delicate fascinators have become extremely popular, a wedding is still the perfect excuse to wear a hat. There aren’t many places where hats are not only admired but almost expected, but a wedding is one of them. So once you have taken your pick of the evening dresses online, you can also look for a hat that goes with it. There is a certain etiquette that comes with wearing a hat to a wedding, however. You shouldn’t choose a very large hat – this will block the view of the people behind you, not only in the church or wherever the ceremony is taking place, but also in the photos. A large hat, or one with plenty of adornments such as flowers or jewellery, is also a no-no; as this will take the attention away from the bride, even if you didn’t intend for that to happen, and that’s just rude.

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